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Products Made of Seaweed Co-product

Egg Trays/ Cartons

Egg Trays / Cartons

Seaweed-based egg trays made of byproduct is less expensive than the conventional ones : Keep egg stay long lasting, Stronger, durable yet ecofriendly.

Packing material, made considering the load of packaged weight, not merely dimple.

In case of paper, material for existing egg trays and cartons, lower strength because of the bonding gap of materials composing the product is lager while seaweed-based egg trays and cartons don’t break easily because of excellent strength by the narrow bonding gap.


Fruit Trays(Packaging)

Customized by fruits, sizes and grading.

For packaging fruit, tray and additional packaging needs to be used but seaweed-based trays can be used alone.

In case of common fruit container, it is used with another
2-3 more items such as paper pulp, plastic, Styrofoam, etc., are needed to produce but our seaweed-based fruit trays provide cushion package solutions, proven protection and better grading.


Paper Cup

Available in different sizes.

Biodegradable within 90 days without any chemical left to environment and suitable at the high-wasted venues like festivals, events, concerts, etc.

Complemented surface, density‧ coating material considering the touch on the part where user’s mouth contacts.


Coffee Carrier

Customized design available.

Cost saving because of shorter production process that saves the energy.

Production cost down because the seaweed wastes are reused after the first level of food processing.


Disposable Paper Plate

Available in different food-related use.

Practical due to higher strength than conventional paper plate and harmless to human due to eco-friendly coating.

Business Partnership

Marine Innovation is looking for business partners who are in the same direction of being environment-friendly.