Right Thinking and Actions
for Our Next Generation

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Marine Innovation Develops New Eco-friendly
Materials for Greener Future.

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In green energy for the earth,
Marine Innovation begins to be a step closer.

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About marine innovation

We’ll continue to innovate and become an aspect of relevant
in the future business environment based on the top-notch professionalism and reliability.

our product

We Develop New Eco-friendly Materials out of Marine Algae

Use natural marine algae, high quality material

Bio-degradable eco-friendly products when discarded.

Reusing seaweed wastes, by-product to transform into end-use products  after the first use of algae, the extract.

Recyclable and eco-friendly products which do not generate any endocrine disruptors.

Eco-friendly production process that can save the energy by 1/3 that of other disposable items, emits less CO2 and no harmful chemicals added in the manufacturing contribute none of endocrine disruptors and dioxin, etc. 


About Marine Innovation

DALHAROO: Present a sweet day

Sweet red bean jelly made of seaweed extract

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JANOODAM: Divide and place Nature

JANOODAM: Divide and place Nature

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Business Partnership

Marine Innovation is looking for business partners who are in the same direction of being environment-friendly.